About Me

My educational background:

I have studied art and design in various countries including Finland, Austria and USA. I have Master’s degree in Arts (year 2011 – The School of Arts, Design and Architecture – Aalto University). I was exchange student in Rhode Island School of Design (2011) and in Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (2007). I have also a masters degree in Theology (2020) University of Helsinki. My study areas cover for example empathy, shared emotions, philosophy of religion and ethics. I have also studied communication and accomplished creative writing courses both in Finnish and in English. I have done basic studies in Expressive arts therapy (2018-2019) and continue the studies at the moment in order to qualify as a Expressive arts therapy -group facilitator. / InArtes

Ajatusrinki – Art based philosophy events and groups

I am a founder of a company called Ajatusrinki where I have been facilitating art based philosophical discussions beginning from year 2014 in cooperation with various art museums, senior homes, non-profits and community colleges. I have so far facilitated about 200 group meetings. The age of participants varies from 3 to 94 years. I have been working in cooperation for example with:

Besides theoretical philosophy courses in University of Helsinki I participate in international seminars and courses to develope my skills in philosophical practise. I have participated in SAPERE’s level 1 course in p4c-method in 2014, and continued with level 2A in December 2018 in Britain. In summer 2018 I took part in a seminar of European Foundation for the Advancement of Doing Philosophy with Children. The seminar was located in Denmark and focusing in children’s literature. 2016 I was arranging art based philosophy session and partaking workshops in 14th International Conference for Philosophical Practice in Switzerland. In May 2019 I took part the 9th Nordic Conference on Philosophical Practice in Helsinki.

Illustrations, stories and graphic design

I enjoy especially in making illustrations with traditional style. I write stories to invoke thinking and to help children and all ages to come up with new ideas, find meaning in their lives, and their human value as unique, yet interconnected persons.

Currently I develope story books and tools in cooperation with child care associations. I also develope Philosophy for children – materials as well as books about philosophical topics for adults. My employees and customers have included for example the following organizations and publishing houses:

  • SOS-Lapsikylä ry,
  • Lastensuojelun keskusliitto (Central Union for Child Welfare)
  • Pesäpuu ry,
  • THL – Terveyden ja Hyvinvoinnin laitos,
  • Opinkirjo,
  • Filo ry,
  • Otava Publishing,
  • Edita Publishing

Please see the full description of my working history and studies in LinkdIn And visit my artistic portfolio for a review of a few of my designs.

My Portfolio