About Me

My educational background:

I have studied art and design in various countries including Finland, Austria and USA. I have Master’s degree in Arts (year 2011 – The School of Arts, Design and Architecture – Aalto University). I was exchange student in Rhode Island School of Design (2011) and in Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (2007). I have also a masters degree in Theology (2020) University of Helsinki. My study areas cover for example empathy, shared emotions, philosophy of religion and ethics. I have also studied communication and accomplished creative writing courses both in Finnish and in English. I have done basic studies in Expressive arts therapy (2018-2019) and continue the studies at the moment in order to qualify as a Expressive arts therapy -group facilitator. / InArtes

Ajatusrinki – Art based philosophy events and groups

I am a founder of a company called Ajatusrinki. I have been facilitating art based philosophical discussions beginning from year 2014 in cooperation with various art museums, senior homes, non-profits and community colleges. I have so far facilitated about 200 group meetings. The age of participants varies from 3 to 94 years. I have been working in cooperation for example with:

Besides theoretical philosophy courses in University of Helsinki I participate in international seminars and courses to develope my skills in philosophical practise. I have participated in SAPERE’s level 1 course in p4c-method in 2014, and continued with level 2A in December 2018 in Britain. In summer 2018 I took part in a seminar of European Foundation for the Advancement of Doing Philosophy with Children. The seminar was located in Denmark and focusing in children’s literature. 2016 I was arranging art based philosophy session and partaking workshops in 14th International Conference for Philosophical Practice in Switzerland. In May 2019 I took part the 9th Nordic Conference on Philosophical Practice in Helsinki. In 2022 I took part in Graz International Summer School Seggau 2022 ”Re-Measuring, Re-Calculating, Re-Counting: State – Society – Religion in Transition”.

Illustrations, stories and graphic design

I enjoy especially in making illustrations with traditional style. I write stories to invoke thinking and to help children and all ages to come up with new ideas, find meaning in their lives, and cherise their value.

Currently I develope story books and tools in cooperation with child care associations. I also develope Philosophy for children – materials as well as books about philosophical topics for adults. My employees and customers have included for example the following organizations and publishing houses:

  • SOS-Lapsikylä ry (SOS Children’s Villages Finland)
  • THL – Terveyden ja Hyvinvoinnin laitos (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare)
  • Lastensuojelun keskusliitto (Central Union for Child Welfare)
  • Pesäpuu ry (a national child welfare organization)
  • Opinkirjo publishing
  • Filo ry (Filo – Finnish Society of Philosophy for Children, Youth and Communities)
  • Otava Publishing
  • Edita Publishing

Please see the full description of my working history and studies in LinkdIn And visit my artistic portfolio for a review of a few of my designs.

My Portfolio